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Employers and employees alike can access experienced employment lawyers who have expertise in all aspects of Employment Law. We can explain and interpret the law to help eliminate or minimise complications for you.

How should I reward my staff for making this organisation successful?

Bonuses, Options and Super

We have significant expertise in advising employers, prospective employees, employees and ex-employees in the negotiation..

Negotiating family law settlements

Contractor and Consultant Contracts

In general terms, a business is not responsible for providing workers compensation cover..

Employment lawyers Sydney

Employment Contracts

Clinch Long Woodbridge offers a range of services to employers and employees in relation to employment contracts.

Can I have support in a disciplinary hearing?

Managing Poor Performance

Most employers have invested considerable resources in recruiting, appointing and inducting..

OHandS - don't ignore it, WHS Laws

Occupational Health & Safety

Ensuring your business has a robust Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regime in place..

Ive been made redundant


Redundancy can occur when there has been a restructuring of a business,rendering the duties of some positions no longer..

Restraint of trade - non compete clause

Restraint of Trade

Many employment contracts incorporate a restraint of trade provision (sometimes referred to as a ‘no compete’ clause)..

Your are fired - employment terminated

Termination of Employment

Employment Terminations can be a hard process, not just for those on the receiving end, but also for the employer At Clinch Long..

Your are fired - employment terminated

Unfair Dismissal

Clinch Long Woodbridge represent employers and terminated employees in all types of unfair dismissal disputes..

Workplace Agreements

The Australian industrial relations landscape has changed significantly in recent years Currently there that exist…

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination

A number of state and federal laws apply to the area of workplace discrimination. These laws prohibit discrimination..

Employment Law

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